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Thank You!

Thank you for making Karel tutorials available to more kids by translating them to your language! Newest contributors on top:

  • Ruslan Isaev (ICT Teacher, Ufa, Russia) – Russian translations of tutorials and Karel programming commands
  • Georgia Lascaris (4th Primary School of Pefkis, Athens, Greece) – Greek translation of video subtitles, tutorials, and Karel programming commands
  • Kia Yang Chua (University of Nevada, Reno) – Review of Karel solution programs in Chinese
  • Sascha Schnepp (Zurich, Switzerland) – Review of German translations and video subtitles
  • Isabelle Ramière (Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance, France) – Review of French translations and video subtitles
  • Ferdinando llardi (Roma, Italy) – Italian translations and video subtitles
  • Cheng Luo (Beijing) – Chinese translations and video subtitles
  • Krzysztof Wójcik (Wroclaw, Poland) – Polish translations of video subtitles
  • Bartłomiej Fiłoń (Wroclaw, Poland) – Polish translations of tutorials
  • Maxwell Taylor (San Luis Obispo) – French translations of video subtitles
  • Jose Luis Galan Garcia (Malaga, Spain) – Review of Spanish translations and video subtitles
  • Moritz Braun (Pretoria, South Africa) – German subtitles for Karel Video 1

Want to Translate Karel to Your Language?

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