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The world thrives on good data! We collect, sort, and analyze data on nearly everything. Knowing how to use data effectively improves our decision-making, whether we are troubleshooting a machine on a production line, looking for a good restaurant, or trying to solve global environmental problems.In this hands-on NCLab tutorial, you will write simple queries, the first step in data analysis. Get acquainted with the power of the PostgreSQL language, used by governments and businesses to manage database systems all over the world. PostgreSQL is written in plain English and is easy to learn. NCLab’s system gives you instant feedback on how you are doing.

All you need is some comfort with typing commands. Although this tutorial introduces you to a serious language, you do not need to know coding or advanced math to be successful. The examples are taken from a database of world geography and are simple to follow and execute.

Learn how to:

  • Write an SQL query.
  • Display data in a table.
  • Select one column from a table.
  • Display data in order.
  • Set limits on the data to be displayed.
  • Filter the data to be displayed.
  • Select data based on conditions (AND).
  • Select data based on conditions (OR).
  • Select data using search criteria.
  • Display aggregated data.
  • Learn about NCLab courses and PostgreSQL.

This tutorial is designed to introduce high school students to selecting and analyzing data from a database. These valuable job skills can lead to creative, well-paid careers in the world of data.

Enjoy your tour of SQL and explore some of the suggested career pathways. If you would like to learn more, NCLab offers full courses in PostgreSQL and Data Analytics.

Lesson Plans

SQL Lesson Plan in English

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Solution Manuals

HOC SQL Solution Manual

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